Marketing & Sales Analytics

Business leaders need to keep a full overview of their numbers at all times in order to make the best business decisions. Analytics dashboards and reports are designed to structure the wealth of data gathered by websites and software tools and to give quick access to all relevant figures.


6 Artificial Intelligence Use Cases in B2B Sales

  Would you rather be sold to from a human or a machine? For now, most people would answer the first option, technophiles aside. A study of 6,200 customers from financial services companies found that if a customer is aware of their conversational partner being a machine or artificial intelligence (AI) application, purchase rates decrease[…]

Top 20 B2B Marketing Automation Softwares for 2020

As marketers are inundated with countless and ever-increasing software to make their job easier, trying to pick one among the sea of possible options can often leave one feeling stranded, lost and alone.  Especially on a slow and stale Tuesday afternoon, trying to differentiate between all the different available tools while concurrently reading hundreds of[…]

Artificial intelligence: 10 Statistics About AI in Marketing and Sales

Who will win in the impending war between artificial intelligence (AI) and humanity? No one really knows, but if the battles are waged in the arena of B2B sales, then I have a hunch that the robots might have the upper hand. In fact, various real use cases already exist for artificial intelligence in sales.[…]