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Sales Reps are spending 10-30% of their precious time on research. You don't do them a favour either by purchasing outdated, static lists from 'address brokers'. Find out how our technology can power-charge your sales funnel.


A Quick Introduction to Our B2B Contact Database

  We are a startup that provides Software-with-a-Service (SwaS) solutions that combine the power of SaaS with a team of high-level data scientists. Most notably, one of our key products, among others, is generating B2B lead lists with relevant and extensive information. We deliver data for large enterprise B2B marketing and sales teams, such as[…]

Top 16 B2B Buying Signals and How to Use Them

  As Mike Mcdermott from Rounders would say, “It’s immoral to let a sucker keep his money”. Mike, or Matt Damon, made a whole lot of money in this film by playing poker and being great at reading people’s “tells”. This movie may have been a gross oversimplification of the mathematical intricacies of poker, however,[…]

6 Artificial Intelligence Use Cases in B2B Sales

  Would you rather be sold to from a human or a machine? For now, most people would answer the first option, technophiles aside. A study of 6,200 customers from financial services companies found that if a customer is aware of their conversational partner being a machine or artificial intelligence (AI) application, purchase rates decrease[…]