On average, 30-50% of CRM data is incomplete, erroneous or outdated

CRM Data Quality Management

Outdated, incorrect or incomplete records can easily overwhelm your sales team, lead to ineffective sales activities and result in lost opportunities. Our Data Quality Management solutions have your back.

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A Quick Introduction to Our B2B Contact Database

  We are a startup that provides Software-with-a-Service (SwaS) solutions that combine the power of SaaS with a team of high-level data scientists. Most notably, one of our key products, among others, is generating B2B lead lists with relevant and extensive information. We deliver data for large enterprise B2B marketing and sales teams, such as[…]

9 CRM Data Cleanup Tactics for Sales Productiveness

  We’ve all been told to clean up our rooms at one point in our lives, either by our parents or by the little voices we have in our heads that keep us awake at 3 am in the morning. However, some of us work with CRM data, cleaning a CRM system can often be[…]

Why Account-Based Marketing Beats Traditional B2B Marketing

  It might sometimes feel like the amount of acronyms we are faced with on a daily basis is ever-increasing. From SaaS to SWOT, or from B2B to B2B2C (what?). As a professional working in a B2B context, you might lay awake at night trying to remember the last letter of an acronym that flashed[…]